Situated in Nash County in the heart of North Carolina, our companies specialize in high quality pork products from our local farms.  In 2012, Barrett Twitty opened Custom Quality Packers, focusing on whole hog processing. Due to the demand of consistent quality meat as well as local demand for quality finished products, he opened Nash Pigg Farms and Dean Street Processing in 2014. Since then, we have prided ourselves on quality hand cut meats and products made in house.  With our current structure, we have the ability to see the hogs through from birth to the final finished product.

Unlike most hog farms in North Carolina, Nash Pigg farm is an independent operation. This allows us to have control over all aspects of the farm, such as genetics and nutrition. The majority of our pigs go from the farm to our processing plant, Custom Quality Packers. At Custom Quality Packers, we pride ourselves with providing a wide range of pork products such as boxed roaster pigs delivered across the U.S., and whole hogs to many famous eastern North Carolina BBQ restaurants, as well as to individuals for weekend cookouts. Due to limited space at CQP, Dean Street Processing was opened to meet the needs of the growing “farm to table” movement by providing specialty products in retail packaging. From our uncured hickory smoked bacon, to our array of house made sausages, custom cuts, and fully cooked products, Dean Street Processing has built quite the reputation for superior quality over the past several years.

Our hogs are never given hormones, and all of our meat and products are USDA inspected by on-site inspectors. Our website offers a variety of products, but if you don’t see something that you would like, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here (Contact Us) and inquire about a custom product made to order just for you.